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I understand: 1. That my online application form must be submitted online and will be reviewed by the committee for acceptance. 2. That the Executive committee has the right to refuse any application for membership without assigning any reasons for such refusal. 3. That the membership fee shall accompany my application upon committee agreement and confirmation of acceptance is communicated to myself. If my application is not accepted, such fee shall be returned to me. 4. Upon acceptance, I shall get myself familiar with the club’s constitution which can be found on the website www.kingsparkcycling.co.za. I hereby indemnify the KINGS PARK CYCLING CLUB and hold it harmless against all claims for damages to property and all claims arising from death of, or injury to, any person whomsoever, or damage to equipment to vehicles whether partaking or otherwise involved in, in any activity or in any cycling event organised or authorised by the Kings Park Cycling Club. Persons selecting the below check box of this online indemnity form as guardian of a minor hereby consent to such minor being bound by the foregoing & further indemnify any parties, if any, to which such a minor is not capable of waiving his/her rights as stipulated above.

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